Does your current cleaning company use the right equipment, tools, or chemicals? Experience and expertise are the reason you hired a janitorial service. While you might not know the precise type of equipment a professional should use, you likely already know what isn’t acceptable.


When the service comes to clean, watch out for:

Improper equipment use.       Does the janitorial service employee use equipment in what seems like an      off or strange manner? Even though you’re a novice cleaner, you know what  a mop, duster, or vacuum should do.

Broken equipment Cracks, holes, or odd noises can indicate old, worn, and damaged equipment. These tools aren’t likely to keep your business clean. At least, not in the way you pay for.

Strange smells Does the chemical odor make your employees feel faint? An excessively strong or odd odor is a sign of a possible problem.


You hired a professional to make sure your business looks pristine. If the clean isn’t what you expect, consider a change. What should you look for in a professional-level cleaning? This depends on what type of services you’ve contracted.


If you want a general clean, the janitorial company should:

Disinfect bathroom surfaces. Not only should the bathrooms remain dirt, debris, and clutter-free, but they also require disinfecting to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

Routinely sweep and wash the floors. This means the floors look and feel clean. Streaks and stickiness are not acceptable.

Disinfect other surfaces. Do your employees pass around the same cold or the flu? If so, your office or other business may require a higher degree of disinfecting or sanitization.

Remove stains and noticeable debris. Your business should look professional. If the clutter is noticeable or you see unsightly stains, you need a new cleaning service as soon as possible.


Inconsistency extends beyond the cleaning job itself. If the company is inconsistent when it comes to communication, you may not get the best service possible.


Communication red flags to look for include:

Lack of return phone calls Does the company refuse to call you back or wait weeks to do so? Responsiveness to your calls, texts, or emails is an important factor in your choice of cleaning company. The ability to address issues promptly helps ensure you get the best service possible.

Difficulty scheduling appointments. Do you struggle to get the cleaners to your business? If you can’t schedule an appointment or the service provider is unwilling to work around your schedule and needs, you may need to move on.

 No followup. Does the cleaning company follow-up your appointment or routinely ask if you’re satisfied with the service they provide?

A phone call is the first step to solve inconsistent communication issues. But if the cleaning company doesn’t answer the phone or won’t return your call in the first place, you have a reason to seriously consider a change.