Your Employees Will Be Healthier Although employees are often encouraged to stay home if they are sick, one report from Robert Half found that about 33 percent of employees always come into work anyway when they are sick, and about 57 percent will sometimes come in to work if they are sick. Why does this happen? There are various causes, but some employees feel that they have too much work to get done, and they don't want to leave their staff empty-handed. Others may not want to use up their paid leave if they want to use these later as vacation days.

Some of the dirtiest places in the office include:

– Phones – Keyboards – Microwave door handles – Sink faucet handles in the bathroom or break room – Vending machine buttons – Water fountains – Handrails and door handles Have the cleaning service thoroughly disinfect these germy areas and you'll cut down on the spread of pathogens in your workspace. Your employees will be healthier and less run down.

Your Employees Will Avoid Disputes

Because everyone has different personalities and organizational preferences, there's bound to be the occasional clash over cleanliness in the workplace. However, organization and cleanliness shouldn't build to the point of resentment. In a 2010 Robert Half survey, about 44 percent of American workers said that the most annoying behavior in company break rooms is leaving messes for others to clean up. While companies should have rules and employee training for cleaning guidelines, a cleaning service can simplify the process. If someone else cleans the break rooms, your employees are less likely to feel like they are picking up after others.

Your Employees Will Be More Productive and Less Stressed

A study conducted by Harvard University found that students in tidy work areas worked 7.5 minutes longer than those who worked in cluttered spaces. Although that amount of time may seem negligible, it can really add up throughout the year with multiple employees. Any increase in focus can help your employees feel less stressed since they won't be scrambling to look for papers or other office tools. According to research, untidy workspaces can affect your employees' mental health. One study found that the stress hormone cortisol was higher in people whose home environments were cluttered. Elevated cortisol levels can cause a person to experience anxiety and depression. Since workplace stress is costing American businesses up to $190 billion a year in health care costs, a clean workplace is an easy solution to improve your employees' mental health.


All of our technicians are experienced in commercial cleaning and have been trained in electrostatic disinfection. We understand that your facility cannot afford to miss a day of business due to an illness outbreak, and we can help you prevent that from happening. We keep your customers and employees safe by using only EPA registered chemicals and following the correct procedures for effectively using these disinfectants. We want to help you create an environment safe from illness and safe for employees, pets, and children.