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Locally-Owned Cleaning Company

After high-school Clay joined the military and served in Desert Storm.

Returning home he then graduated from LSU and worked in the chemical industry until he joined Advanced Office Care full time.

After graduating from LSU, Nessa worked for several years in the janitorial industry as a salesperson.

“I was interested in getting more involved in the operations side,” she says. “I enjoyed taking care of the customers and I liked the cleaning side of the business.

I wanted to work with customers beyond the initial setup.”

Nessa Vavasseur advanced office care baton rouge

Industry Experience

Nessa and Clay founded Advanced Office Care in 2006.

They hit the ground running and haven’t looked back since.

The combination of Nessa’s sales and customer service experience and Clay’s management and logistics experience has helped Advanced Office Care LLC fill a market niche.

“We are proud to be celebrating our 15th anniversary in the Baton Rouge area.”

Exceptional Customer Service

advanced office care baton rouge staff

Dedicated employees, delivering excellent and immediate customer service all contribute to Advanced Office Care’s success.

And, as Nessa notes, the relationships the company builds with its customers are essential, too. “When our customer has a need, we will be there to take care of them.”

Advanced Office Care will always be about more than cleaning. We feel like if our customers are happy we are doing our job.

We enjoy being involved in helping them succeed.

Experienced Staff

advanced office care baton rouge st gabriel cleaning company staff

At Advanced Office Care, we select our staff members based on their hardworking mindset, their dedication to the job, and their passion for customer service.

We don’t just show up, do the job, and then go home.

At Advanced Office Care, we strive to complete all of our janitorial services while building a strong relationship with our clients.

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