Professional Cleaners Protect Your Preschool From Dangerous Allergy Attacks

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A preschool should be a safe place for children to learn their necessary life skills and prepare for kindergarten. However, some schools may contain allergen triggers that may be dangerous for your children. Thankfully, professional school cleaners can eliminate many of these allergens and keep your students safe from any dangers or the risk of an allergic reaction.

Dust and Dirt

Many preschool facilities are relatively large and may be hard for your teachers to keep clean on their own. As a result, a large amount of dust and dirt may build up in hard-to-reach areas. This dust and dirt may quickly spread when children walk through your facility and could go airborne. Unfortunately, this airborne dust could also get easily inhaled and become a significant allergy problem.

Thankfully, regular visits from a professional cleaner can minimize the risk of this danger. These experts will go through your facility, find dusty areas – particularly spots where your children might play – and use various cleaning tools to eliminate dust and minimize the risk of an adverse reaction.

Pest-Related Allergens

Although you may treat your preschool to eliminate pests such as rats, spiders, and cockroaches, these tough vermin may stick around for years. Unfortunately, debris from these creatures – such as their droppings, shed skins, wings, and hair – may linger in your preschool. Sadly, children with allergies may react adversely to these items and have a problematic attack.

While you can always vacuum any rugs and sweep floors to eliminate this problem, professional help ensures that the risk is as minimal as possible. These professionals will not only clean and vacuum your floors, but they can also disinfect desktop surfaces. Schedule daily, not weekly, visits from your cleaners to manage this pest mess and keep your students safe from their allergies.


Mold and mildew growths provide one of the most robust health problems for a preschool. Mold often starts to grow in hard-to-reach areas, such as in crawl spaces or basements. From these areas, the growths can quickly spread to other areas of your preschool. Unfortunately, mold can trigger some of the most severe allergic reactions in your children and even your teachers.

Make sure to install various tools, such as dehumidifiers, in your school to ensure that moisture levels don’t get high enough for mold growth.

Just as importantly, professional cleaners can help to destroy mold and keep your preschool safe for your children. These experts can identify the source of your infestation in ways that you cannot and use powerful cleaners to destroy mold and mildew for good in your school.

Disease-Related Triggers

Although debris often triggers many allergic reactions in preschool children, other issues may also cause many attacks. For example, sinus infections, colds, and even the flu may complicate a child’s breathing and create a variety of allergic reactions. This situation is often hard to manage in a preschool because children often swap sicknesses in such a small space.

However, professional cleaners can help to keep your rooms disinfected and minimize the risk of disease spread. For example, cleaners can clean your bathrooms, all of the desks in your classrooms, and provide other care methods that destroy viruses and bacteria and keep your children healthy.

Cleaners Help Protect Your Students

As you can see, professional cleaners provide an excellent level of allergy protection for your preschool children. So if you want to keep your students safe from allergies in your facility, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Advanced Office Care. We will inspect your school, find any dangerous allergens, and treat your facility to eliminate the dangers for good.

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