Benefits of Hiring Cleaning Services for Your Gym’s Hardwood Floors

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If you run a sport facility, you may focus your cleaning efforts on locker rooms and sport equipment.

However, don’t forget that your gym’s hardwood floors are also an important area that need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Because your facility may have large gym spaces for exercise classes and indoor sports, you may want to hire a cleaning service to take care of the flooring in these areas.

Here are three benefits of hiring cleaning services to take care of hardwood flooring.

1. They Can Refinish the Floors

Some cleaning services offer floor refinishing. During refinishing, a stain or a sealant is placed over the wood itself. Some people think that floor refinishing is just for aesthetics since it reduces marks and scratches. However, refinishing a very important part of floor maintenance since it can reduce wear and tear from heavy equipment — like weights — and people’s dirty shoes.

Refinishing is also important since it can protect court markings for indoor tracks, pickleball courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, etc. Some gyms place tape on their hardwood floors to mark court outlines, but this is not a good idea. Tape breaks down easily, and as the tape breaks down, it can leave behind its adhesive coating. This adhesive residue makes it easier for dirt and grit to build up on the hardwood.

Built-up dirt can lead to floor damage since it can act as an abrasive during periods of high foot traffic. Instead, have a professional paint different court markings on your wood floors. Then once court markings are in place, have a cleaning service refinish the floors so that the paint is sealed in.

2. They Will Prevent Water Damage

While refinishing can protect your floors from moisture, it’s not a catch-all for water damage. Wood is naturally porous, so if it is overexposed to moisture, then it can develop rot, cupping, or cracks from expansion/contraction.

If you live in a place like Baton Rouge, then you have to stay on top of moisture control since the area has frequent rain and a humid climate. Your customers can track in water from outside, and the area’s natural humidity can damage your flooring.

A cleaning service can use the proper products and mops to clear your wood floors of water. Once the water is cleared, a cleaning service can use burnishing equipment to polish the flooring. Besides extending the life of your gym’s flooring, having a cleaning service remove excess water from your floors will make the gym safer and reduce slip-and-fall accidents.

3. They Will Eliminate Pathogens

If your gym has classes where people stretch on the floor or practice yoga, then your customers may be practicing with unclean yoga mats and bare feet. They can be exposed to pathogens like Staphylococcus, and they can develop skin infections, like athlete’s foot and ringworm. In fact, one podiatrist said that unclean yoga mats are responsible for a large spike in patients with plantar warts and athlete’s foot.

You can’t guarantee that your customers will always bring clean yoga mats to stretch on, but you can guarantee that your floors are clean so that germs aren’t continually spread throughout your gym. A cleaning service can use a disinfectant to clean your hardwood flooring after yoga classes so that germs aren’t spread. These services can use scrubbing machines that keep germs from thriving.

A lot of pathogens thrive in humidity and moisture, so a cleaning service that prevents water damage will also prevent bacteria from coming back.Contact us at Advanced Office Care for more information on floor refinishing and floor cleaning for your sport or educational facility.

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