Benefits of Outsourcing Your Janitorial Needs

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Whether you have a small office with a handful of employees or are in charge of a massive operation with dozens of workers, you both still have a very relatable problem: cleaning. Many companies ask either employees or an in-house cleaning crew to keep the office, bathrooms, and hallways clean and sanitary. Unfortunately, asking employees to clean lowers productivity and in-house janitors can get expensive.

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should outsource your office’s janitorial needs.

Outside Janitorial Services Can Save You Money

Hiring your own janitorial staff often means that you must put the employees on payroll and offer benefits to remain competitive. If you have a small office space, this can put a huge strain on your budget. A larger office complex would need to hire several janitorial staff members to cover your larger square footage.

An outside janitorial staff is hirable on an as-needed basis. This means that if you need janitorial services full time during a few months of the year or only on the weekends, you only pay for the services you need when you need them.

Outside Janitorial Service Provide Cleaning Products, Equipment, and Expertise

In addition to everyday cleaning products, to keep your office space sanitized for employees, clients, and guests, you will need to purchase a variety of expensive tools and equipment. This includes floor and carpet sweepers, vacuums, floor scrubbers, and carts to store and transport the cleaning products.

The cost of cleansers, cloths, and other products to clean the desk, toilets, sinks, and other surfaces will also add up quickly.

However, a janitorial service likely already owns a variety of industrial cleaners and heavy-duty equipment. The staff also knows how to properly use and service this equipment. This means that trained professionals will clean your office space in a short period of time.

Outside Janitorial Services Increase Workplace Productivity

To save money, many small business owners or smaller companies ask employees to do general cleaning. This includes keeping their desk area clean and cleaning any common areas, such as reception, the break room, and the bathrooms. These tasks will lower productivity, which in turn will cost the company money on lost work hours.

Instead of having employees who are untrained in how to properly handle cleaners or use industrial cleaning equipment, outsource your janitorial needs instead. The janitorial staff can work after hours, which will allow your employees to continue doing the job you hired them to perform.

Additionally, when you task employees with cleaning or hire a dedicated in-house janitorial staff, likely one of your employees will need to delegate responsibilities, ensure that everyone completes their assigned tasks, and ensure equipment is maintained. An employee who isn’t trained to manage your building’s janitorial needs will also focus their time on cleaning and supplies, rather than performing their own job.

Outside Janitorial Services Are Insured

Finally, one of the unexpected benefits of hiring an outside janitorial service is that if something breaks or becomes damaging during the cleaning process, the janitorial service will often be liable for any repairs. A reputable janitorial service will carry liability insurance that will cover any accidents that occur while they are on the property.

If you continue to use an in-house janitorial staff or ask employees to clean the office, and something breaks or is damaged, your company or your company’s insurance provider will often wind up paying for the repairs.

No matter what the size of your office or company, several benefits exists to outsourcing your janitorial needs. If you have any more questions about janitorial services, contact the professionals at Advanced Office Care.

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