New Year, New Cleanliness -Tips on Getting Your Office Looking Great For the New Year

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It’s that time of year again! The days are getting longer, and the weather is warming up. People start to anticipate trips to the beach, outdoor concerts, and baseball games as they long for warmer temperatures and sunshine.

But what about your office? Is it ready for the new season? It doesn’t matter if you spend most of your day in an office or on a construction site; now is an excellent time to ensure your work environment stays clean all year round.

To help get you started off right this New Year, Advanced Office Care (AOC), a commercial cleaning and flooring company servicing Baton Rouge and southern Louisiana, shares our top 10 tips for keeping your work environment clean all year long.

baton rouge office cleaning tips cluttered desk

1. Don’t let a mess pile up

No one likes a messy work environment. Clutter and dirty surfaces can lead to distractions, lower morale, and even affect your business by resulting in lost clients or employees.

AOC suggests putting aside some time every day to keep the office space clean—whenever you get a spare minute, use it to tidy up! Pay attention to these office areas that you should pay special attention to.

food waste baton rouge office cleaning

2. Dispose of food waste properly

Over half of Americans eat at work, so be sure to keep your break room clean and tidy.

AOC recommends having a designated space where employees can throw away their food items—such as a small kitchen or conference room—rather than pushing all the garbage cans together and letting trash pile up.

dirty office entrance in baton rouge

3. Keep building entrances clean

You want people to be impressed when they walk in the door, right?

We suggest making sure building entrances are adequately lit and visibly clean.

office bathroom cleaning baton rouge

4. Monitor bathrooms

All businesses should have at least one bathroom with a locking door available for public use if needed. If you provide public restrooms,

We recommend keeping them clean and tidy and placing an air freshener in each stall.

baton rouge office cleaning tip vacuum floors

5. Keep floors clean

Just like building entrances, the entryway into your office should be kept free of any dirt or grime to keep visitors looking their best!

It’s best to have a contractor clean all floors, including carpeting and tile, every three months to ensure that your floors aren’t getting too dirty or worn down.

baton rouge office cleaning tip remove christmas decorations

6. Get rid of clutter and old items (like holiday decorations)

Over time, you may accumulate boxes of old files or stacks of papers that are no longer needed. Make sure you get rid of all of this unnecessary clutter!

clean office air quality in baton rouge

7. Keep indoor air quality high

An essential part of keeping your business clean is making sure the air quality is good! This means monitoring mold levels and dusting regularly to remove any unwanted allergens.

cigarette butts baton rouge office cleaning company

8. Don’t ignore outdoor spaces

Your outdoor spaces are just as important to keep clean and tidy! Remove any cigarette butts or other trash from landscaped areas, sidewalks, or parking lots.

office breakroom cleaning baton rouge

9. Don’t forget the small stuff

Cleaning up spills, wiping down doorknobs, and clearing out cobwebs are all easy ways you can keep your business clean.

10. Make sure you have reliable cleaning services!

advanced office care baton rouge staff

We have been keeping businesses clean for over 30 years and is known for our dependability.

Not only do we send out technicians who are bonded and insured, but we always work with our clients to create customized cleaning schedules that fit the needs of each business. Visit our office cleaning services page to learn how we can help you keep your office clean and safe for your employees and customers.

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