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Winter can be a messy season for schools, as children bring in wet snow, ice, and slush into the facility with their boots. Unfortunately, all of this wetness can cause an increase in flip and fall injuries that may put a school in a difficult legal situation. Thankfully, high-quality professional janitorial services can protect schools from this danger.

Slippery Floors Can Be Dangerous in a School

Schools, no matter their size, are filled with a large number of people every day. And when floors are slippery in a school, students and faculty alike may experience a high rate of slip and fall injuries. For example, excessively waxed floors in Massachusetts once caused 22 slip and fall injuries in one day, which forced the school to shut down until the problem could be fixed.

And these injuries weren’t always minor bumps and bruises either. Some individuals experienced severe head and back injuries, including concussions, as well as broken bones and sprained muscles. Though this situation didn’t occur due to winter weather, the snow season is typically the worst time for similar injuries.

Winter Conditions Cause Slippery Floors

Winter in snowy areas is typically the wettest season of the year. Snow, ice, and slush are on the ground nearly every day, which increases the risk of slippery floors in all buildings with hard floors. And in schools with hundreds or even thousands of children wearing wet boots and thick snow pants, this risk is even higher.

Unfortunately, children excited to get to their next class or to go outside for recess may rush through these wet areas and experience a slip and fall. And when this happens, the school is likely going to be at the center of a serious lawsuit and may not be able to avoid liability charges.

School Authorities Are Usually Liable

Though a slip and fall injury in a school can happen in many circumstances, the school is typically liable for their injuries. Liability falls on the school due to their legal duty of care for each child. When a child is on school property during school hours, authorities of the facility must take actions to ensure that their children are safe from injury.

These actions include ensuring that floors are safe during the winter. Even though children may drag in snow and water with them when they enter the school every day, officials must take actions to clean these floors as soon as possible to prevent injury. And if their janitorial staff cannot keep up, professional cleaning services help keep floors dry and safe.

Cleaning Services Help Avoid This Problem

Regular professional janitorial services provide schools with slip-free floors that protect children from injury. For example, these services will identify spots on school floors where slips are most likely to occur. Then, cleaning professionals will work hard to clean these areas and dry them thoroughly to keep children safe from slipping on wet areas.

For example, cleaning services will not only clean a floor but set up signs around persistently wet areas to keep students away from them. In this way, students receive a proper warning about the dangers of walking on slippery areas. If the student then decides to walk on these areas after being warned, their injury is their fault, and liability typically does not fall on the school.

And beyond these benefits, many professional janitorial services can add a slip-free barrier to a floor that makes it more difficult to fall on a floor when it is dry. These sealants also help protect the floor’s surface from contamination, stains, and wear-and-tear damage.

Professional Help Keeps Schools Safe

The danger of slippery floors in winter makes regular cleaning services a wise decision for any school. So those who run a school or work for one should call or visit our office at Advanced Office Care LLC to set up an inspection appointment.

With the help of our cleaning professionals, a school floor can be turned into a safe and slip-free surface during the wettest winter months.

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